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Downloads of Free Software

RPM Repositories

I maintain a couple of repositories of software for free download:

You may also be interested in Other Available Repositories for CentOS.

Backup and Restore

These scripts are quick and easy ones that you might find useful where something more complicated like bacula is too complicated. Rsyncbackup you might use in conjunction with bacula.

Rsync backup is a easy to use script to help create daily backups to another machine from which the end users may be able to retrieve lost files themselves.
I described it in a lightning talk at the Ukuug FAB2008 seminar.

BackupToDisk helps do full & incremental backups to a (NFS mounted) disk partition.

WriteRsyncBackupToTape is a batch script to write the latest RsyncBackup to tape.

TapeBackup is a batch script to write the some directories to tape.

UsbBackup helps copy a backup created by RsyncBackup to a USB attached disk drive. This is an interactive script designed to be used by an end user.
This could probably do with some more polishing, look at the README.

CrontabHistory is a simple script that keeps dated copies of a user's current crontab in a directory $HOME/CronHistory/.

Web publishing

MailToUrl is to help those people who send email with large attachments ‐ which is a bad idea. Instead they send mail to a MailToUrl mailbox that saves the attachments and replies with a URL that can be pasted into email that is sent. The mail recipients can, if they wish, read the attachments by clicking on the URL.


The following are up on CPAN:

Math-Expression is to exaluate arithmetic expressions in the form of a string, this is useful for allowing user specified expressions without using perl's eval. Its Documentation.

Text-TemplateFill essentially does the same job as perl formats that you would 'write'. The big advantage is that the text is read from files and so:

Its Documentation.