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RPM Repository for CentOS 6 & CentOS 7


The packages are an eclectic mix of programs that I have found useful enough to install on several machines. What is here should also install on RedHat Enterprise 6 & RedHat Enterprise 7.

To see what there is list of contents for CentOS 6, CentOS 7 and for CentOS 8. The CentOS 4 & CentOS 5 repositories have been removed.

There is an announce mail list for this software that you may wish to subscribe to. You might wish to peruse The Software-announce Archives. This list is moderated and it is highly unlikely that subscriber postings will be approved.

How to use it

You can access the repo either by using Yum or Rsync (probably in combination with mrepo). The instructions below are written for CentOS 6, to use with CentOS 7 or CentOS 8 change '6' for '7' or '8' .

Using Yum

You need to:

  1. create the file /etc/yum.repos.d/phcl.repo with the contents:

        # Parliament Hill Computers Ltd - CentOS repository
        name=PHCL for CentOS-$releasever
  2. Clean out the yum cache (recommended):

        yum clean all
  3. Install packages with:
        yum install package-name

Using Rsync

You can browse the repository with rsync like this:

    rsync rsync://

Once you have found what you want download a specific RPM with something like:

    rsync rsync:// .

Using mrepo

mrepo is a way of maintaining an RPM repository.
You will already have a suitable file in /etc/mrepo.conf.d/, you append this line:

    phcl = rsync://$release-$arch/phcl/

and fetch and build with:

    mrepo -qug

Then follow the Using Yum instructions above, but change the baseurl to point to your server.