Package MailToUrl

Latest version: 1.20
License: GPL

Turn email attachments into URLs that can be forwarded in email

MailToUrl is to help those people who send email with large attachments - which is a bad idea.
Instead they send mail to a MailToUrl mailbox that saves the attachments and replies with
a URL that can be pasted into email that is sent. The mail recipients can, if they wish,
read the attachments by clicking on the URL.
Help in maintaining the list of authorised users is also provided by MailToUrlUsers.

If you want to know more see MailToUrl-1.20.README

You may download this software in a variety of formats. Some are specific to particular operating systems or architectures, see below:
TargetURLBuild Date
CentOS 7 noarchMailToUrl-1.19-1.1.noarch.rpmThu Jun 18 2015
CentOS 8 noarchMailToUrl-1.20-1.1.noarch.rpmWed Nov 20 2019
CentOS 8 srcMailToUrl-1.20-1.1.src.rpmWed Nov 20 2019
CentOS 8 tarMailToUrl-1.20-1.1.tar.gzWed Nov 20 2019

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