Package UpdateBrowsCap

Latest version: 1.16
License: GPL

Keep the PHP Browser capability database up to date

Ensure that the PHP browscap is up to date from Gary Joel Keith's web site.
This is used by the php function get_browser(); the database changes frequently,
as often as weekly. This is intended to be run from cron.
The web server (Apache) is restarted.
Gary's site is here:
See also:

You may download this software in a variety of formats. Some are specific to particular operating systems or architectures, see below:
TargetURLBuild Date
CentOS 5 noarchUpdateBrowsCap-1.16-1.1.noarch.rpmFri Jun 19 2015
CentOS 6 noarchUpdateBrowsCap-1.16-1.1.noarch.rpmWed Apr 15 2015
CentOS 7 noarchUpdateBrowsCap-1.16-1.1.noarch.rpmThu Jun 18 2015
CentOS 7 srcUpdateBrowsCap-1.16-1.1.src.rpmThu Jun 18 2015
CentOS 7 tarUpdateBrowsCap-1.16.tar.gzThu Jun 18 2015

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